Chronicles of a korean trip...In english please!

dimanche 26 février 2012

The Arrival

Our daily route

I'm going to translate all the articles I've already wrote on the original version of our blog ;)
Let's start from the first message about our trip!

So, here were are. On the plane, with 11 never-ending hours in front of us, before the long-awaited arrival. Stroke of luck, the Eco class was full, so we had to go to the Business Class! Finally, the flight was not too long :p.
At the moment of the landing, the excitation were at its height. We went through the first corridors, looked at the faces around us, suffocated when realizing we've done it. When we got back our suitcases, the real heat appeared. We looked up for SK Roaming, in order to get our rented cell phones (btw, SK Roaming is very reliable!). One hour later, our friend Bora joined us, and we got out of the airport. The heat and humidity together was really an horrible experience, it felt like a vivarium @_@. Because of that weather and also because of the jet lag (in your face :D), it was quite difficult to keep a clear head!

Our friend's mom took us in the center of Seoul, to our guest house « Stay Korea ». It's in Yeonnam-dong, which is quite messed-up (in my opinion). Actually my first thought was « Uhh... I'm in Seoul, right? ».
As our room was not ready, we went back to downtown, in Hongdae. During the day, it's a very convivial and quite modest place. We went to our first coffee shop, not specially because we were thirsty but mainly because there were air-conditioning
*_* (oh god it's good). I really love coffee shops, I even think it's the thing I prefer in Korea! It's always clean, cute, and original. Always. And the best of all is the price! With 10000 won (9$), you can do so many things, compared with France!^^

After visiting the streets of the neighbourhood, we went back quite early to our guest house and collapsed on your beds. (Next awekening: 1pm :D)

It's really strange to realise that the country you've imagined, fantasized, actually exists. It's both scary, exciting and really surprising.

Talk to you soon~

Welcome! Bienvenue~


Hello! ~ 안뇽!

First, we have created this blog in order to describe our trip in South Korea which occured last summer. My sister and I are french girls of 18 years old, and we've always been fascinated by North-East Asia since we're 13, including Japan, South Korea and Taïwan. We appreciate the languages of these countries before all, but also their cultures, landscapes and simply their world. We wish to devote a part of our lives to these countries, through our job and also by spending some years there in the future.

In the beginning, we wanted to go to Japan, but considering the fact that Korea is really cheaper than South Korea, and because we had more korean friends than japanese ones, we decided to begin our journey to Asia by a 17 days trip in the Land of Kimchi!

We wish to continue writing in this blog during a few years, as we are going to travel a lot in the future ;).
So, the main goal of this blog is to share our passion, to suggest a trip project to the interested ones, and of course to make you discover a singular trip^^.
(I'm sorry if we make many mistakes in english, I hope it will not provide you from understanding what we write~)